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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Pukunui's Creator / Who Owns Pukunui? -

"Pukunui" - a popular children's book character from the eighties is best described during aninterview with writer and illustrator of the book, James Waerea follows .... James Matariki Waerea. TeArawa/Ngati Kahungunu/Mahurehure iwi. Born at Rotorua 1940.It was in 1961 while teaching as probationary assistant at Rotoiti Maori School that Pukunui was born. Disenchanted with having to teach value systems which which belonged to people who lived 12,000 miles away, I questioned the system children's books with our values, ourcharacters and things that areimportant to us?""Well, why aren't you?" was the HM's wry reply."Is that a challenge?" I challenged, knowing full well that it was. So Pukunui was born on the shores of Lake Rotoiti because of my discontent and because I love a good challenge.

But it took eleven years before I could influence a publisher to print my first book. "The country is not ready for your 'type' of book." was the common cry of publishers. But in 1972, I found a publisher who was and Pukunui was born.Pukunui was the first of it's kind as there were no books available for children aged 0 - 6 years in which some Maori text was used. The main reason publishers wouldn't touch it originally. At the time, Kohanga in the male apparell industry as a senior sales excecutive. I hosted a talkback programme called 'Pacific People'for Radio Pacific for four years. I have written a column and produced political cartoons for a national newspaper for the past 25 years. I have produced animated programmes for television and I am currently in the process of doing a series featuring Pukunui.

I was educated at Nuhaka Native school, TeAute College, Auckland University and Elam School of Art. I have four beautiful children, Mitchell, Layne, Milton and Leah-Moana. I never intended to be an author or a playwright but I have always found it difficult to resist a formidable challenge."

Customer Service -

Is Pukunui on TV yet in the USA and other countries?

Not yet, however small shorts are readiy available via You Tube and here at the World Of Pukunui website.

Is there a World Of Pukunui Fan club?

The World Of Pukunui Fan Club is in the process of being created, however users can click the Fan Club icon on the site and pre-register their name and email account. As soon as the Fan Club is ready we will send you an email to let you know.

Can I send emails, postal mail, faxes to The World Of Pukunui?

The World Of Pukunui Mail Policy:

For reasons of security and administration all mail sent to The World Of Pukunui is screened on a number of levels by appointed staff members.
In general, nearly all correspondence is answered on behalf of James Waerea not by James himself. Simply put, it is not physically possible for James to correspond with all who send him mail.

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