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Pukunui is rapidly becoming a booming worldwide business and worldofpukunui.com is the one-stop portal to unparalleled, worldwide access for people who know and care about the not only fun. educational and engaging topics Pukunui deals with, but also those interested in the message Pukunui delivers regarding the preservation of our natural environment.

With the Pukunui brand growing in all areas including traditional book sales, online videos, social media and a diverse merchandising line, advertising on the worldofpukunui.com website not only provides web-based exposure, but also associates your company with a diverse and growing environmentally friendly brand.

Unsurpassed Access

As worldofpukunui.com moves into its first year of operations, the site has established itself, by virtue of its access to news and information not available on any other Pukunui-related site, as the one stop place on the web for those interested in Pukunui based learning activities, information and special events.


We are now reaching wellinto the thousands of unique users per month – and are the only Official outlet to all things related to Pukunui. Our visitors also stay engaged on the site with a very high time spent on the site per visit as well as numerous click thoughs per visit. Official statistics are currently being assembled and will be posted here over the net coming months.

Available Options

If you want a truly global reach for your company or products to an audience that is loyal to the Pukunui brand and what it stands for, advertising on worldofpukuni.com is the way.

We offer a range of options for advertising your product, from banner ads, side column ads, a range of size options, embedded ads in articles, forum adverts, forum driven advert threads etc.etc. All at a very low cost for the huge exposure they will gain.

Prices start at just $100 a month for text URL exposure, through to full expansive ad campaigns – contact us for prices and a pdf brochure.

We accept payments by cheque, wire or paypal.

For further information about how to advertise with us contact advertising@worldofpukunui.com


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